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S O L D   O U T

This is a complete comedy illusionette with all the bells and whistles you need for big time reactions!


The performer begins by explaining to the audience, that as a magician, one doesn't have to go to the gym to get big time muscles. He then shows the audience a rectangular machine bearing the words "MUSCLE MAKER" on the front. The magician places his entire forearm in the device and turns the machine on. A green light comes on along with the sound of a machine being activated. After a few seconds the magician removes his arm from the machine, revealing that his forearm has grown more than double in muscle size (think Popeye arms)


After a few moments of strutting his newly stacked arm, the magician reveals that its just a fake muscular sleeve over his real arm. Attempting to try again for real, the magician places his arm in the machine again and turns it on. This time, the machine starts emitting smoke from the side, then a flash of fire, followed by a piercing alarm and a flashing light. During the chaos, the word "MAKER" falls off the front revealing it now to read "MUSCLE REDUCER". The magician franticly shuts the machine completely off and opens the doors of the unit revealing the middle section of his forearm has completely vanished! The audience can see clear through the front and out the back of the machine!


In an effort to recover, the magician produces a laminated covering over the word "REDUCER" making the front of the machine now read "MUSCLE FIXER". For the last time, the magician turns the unit on and after a few seconds, he removes his arm showing that it has returned back to normal size!









*No box sitting on a box, on a box like similar illusions.
*Special micro smoke machine creates a harmless, odorless vapor.
*Eight Alkaline AA batteries power the unit for many performances.
*Includes Muscle Maker machine, sweat bands, muscle forearm, signage, all electronics, smoke juice, instructional DVD and
custom padded poly fiber road case measuring
approx 21 x 14 x 14 inches.


"MUSCLE MAKER" with Road Case

$1399 USD + $32.00 Domestic Shipping

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