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High-Energy ELECTRIFYING MAGIC at your fair!



For over 25 years, Jay Mattioli has been creating spectacular magic presentations to entertain virtually any venue. His magic has criss-crossed the globe, appearing as the host of Asia's largest magic variety show, in the first EVER public magic show in Kuwait, and as a Quarter Finalist on NBC's #1 show "America's Got Talent".  Jay recently wowed the harsh NYC audience on FOX’s reboot of “SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO” hosted by Steve Harvey.  And now... Jay can bring his fast paced “Electrifying Magic” and illusion show to your fair! 

The show features several large-scale illusions seen nowhere else in the world, as well as hilarious high-energy, audience participation.  See Jay levitate, get squashed flatter than a pancake, and even cut in half!  Audience members also become the stars of the show as they join Jay on stage to perform magic in front of their family and friends!  Set to perfectly synced music (sound and lighting system included), and a larger than life personality, Jay’s show is sure to grab the attention of fair goers of all ages!

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