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Event Entertainment

Close-up and strolling magic

Now you can see the magic happen right under your nose. An ink pen is pierced through your clothing without leaving a hole, a finger ring is vanished and appears in a purse, cards materialize, and dollar bills levitate in mid-air. This popular style of magic can add a special touch to any indoor or outdoor event. Watch award-winning, close-up magic, specially catered just for your event. Audience interaction at its best!

Stand-up Show

This stand-up show features award winning magic like non-other, in a high impact-audience participation extravaganza, that will make your minds disappear into the world of magic. See live doves appear from bare-handed palm of fire, a marker drawing come to life, an audience members wrist watch is found in a sealed can of corn, and a 10 lb bowling ball appears out of thin air! In this forty-five minute stand-up show you become the star, as magic encompasses every moment of this high-energy performance. Includes all necessary sound equipment and travel to most venues.


Jay levitates TV personality Jerry Springer during event at MGM Grand.

Illusion Spectacular

Perfect for corporations that want something really flashy for their special events. Birds miraculously appear and disappear, Jay gets squashed flatter than a pancake, an audience members shoe vanishes, is incinerated, reappearing on the magicians foot squeaky clean, a puppy appears from thin air, and one person visually change into another! And this is in the first twenty minutes! Your guests will be amazed during every minute of this heart pounding, up beat, hilarious performance! Besides these miracles, the audience themselves become the magicians! This show features the same magic that has made Jay a regular aboard some the world's most luxurious cruise ships. Self-contained, this show includes large stage illusions, live animals, special effects lighting, audience participation, travel and all necessary sound equipment/ sound technician. We bring everything to make this portable Vegas style show SPECTACULAR!


"I could go on and on about how pleased everyone was - our Board of Directors, our President/CEO, our Senior Management and everyone who came to the event!" 

         -Christine Zur, Financial Resources Federal Credit Union


"Dear Jay,


On behalf of myself, staff and attendees at the New Jersey Credit Union League's 75th Anniversary Annual Meeting & Convention thanks for a terrific performance. Our group ranges from 18 to 80, and we got positive feedback from all. Thanks again."



-Yvette Segara, New Jersey Credit Union League







"Dear Jay,

The pleasure was ours!!! We really enjoyed your show as a promoter and a spectator. You have established a big fan base here in Egypt; we are thinking of having a second event and we would be very glad to have you with us again!"


-Moussa AbuTaleb, Managing Partner, SP Communication







I just want to thank you again for performing at our charity event. You can’t even imagine how many people came up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed your show and that they thought you were absolutely outstanding! I’m sure you sensed that by the audience applause and reaction during your performance.



Your performance shows how much you love what you do – you are very talented and the comedy you build into your show is so perfect! You were great! I could go on and on about how pleased everyone was - our Board of Directors, our President/CEO, our Senior Management and everyone who came to the event! You certainly helped make our charity event a huge success!


Jay, I wish you continued success in your career. I hope I get the opportunity to see you perform again! Best regards"


-Christine Zur Financial Resources Federal Credit Union






"To Whom it May Concern,

Jay Mattioli and Flor were great to work with. Our audience was captivated by his entire show. His humor, the magic, the music and Flor, all kept them wanting for more!!"



-Anne Hunger, Travel Leaders





"Jay Mattioli is an extremely talented Magician and Comedian. We consider Jay a

hungry "up and comer" and a stand out gem on our roster of headliners. Jay's youthful

tenacity and his consistently updated and polished shows combine for a powerful punch strong enough to fill any of our stages. We look forward to seeing a performer like Jay take his art to the highest possible level."


-Randy Butler

CEO Mother Leeds Entertainment INC





"Dear Jay,

Thank you for your wonderfull performance for our employee picnic. Your show was delightfull and your skills are superb. Your amazing at handling the audience. Thanks again!"



-Ed Parsons, Villinova Conference Center





"Dear Jay,

We have received only compliments for your good work during El Gran Dia Chapin. It was a real pleasure to have you and entertain our community. We were very happy for your services and wish for a bright future!"


-Rita Claverie de Sciolli, U.S. Embassy of Guatemala

The word is out!

What are past clients saying about Jay?

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