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Magic Assemblies

and Fundraisers

Motivate your students with Jay's Magic Assemblies that will encourage and inspire them to do their best!  

Jay Mattioli has created educational and motivational programs for school assemblies that are specifically designed to inspire students to do their very best. By combining his skills as an International Champion of Magic and Motivational Speaker, students will be excited to learn, practice the use of all their senses and have fun! These programs have been a highlight of many school's academic calendar throughout the years.


Say good-bye to boring assemblies of the past. These programs are highly interactive, entertaining and most importantly educational. By combining state of the art Illusions, Music, Dance, Comedy and drama they create an educational show that students will absolutely love.

"it was the best end of the year assembly ever!" 

-Canterbury Woods Elementary

International Champion of Magic, Jay Mattioli presents an inspiring show of magic and illusions for grade school students. In this 40-minute program, Jay Mattioli, encourages students to find the "MAGIC" in their lives. Each letter stands for something M Motivation, A Action, G Goals, I Interaction, C Creativity. These are the central themes of the show that are emphasized through grand illusion, comedy, live animals, music and dance.




Students learn life experiences from Jay, spoken in a simple language easily understood by young children.  Jay emphasizes the importance of excelling in school academics, but other themes such as turning hobbies and dreams into reality are brought into perspective. After this show students will feel empowered to do their best every day and some students may even feel inspired to become...MAGICIANS??? 


Well, either way, energy and motivation will fill their minds and bodies by the conclusion of this awakening and heart pounding assembly. Show includes all necessary props, live animals, full sound and portable backdrop curtain if needed. Geared to fit audiences from K-6th.

Hosting the Electrifying Magic of Jay Mattioli is possibly the easiest and most fun way to raise funds for your school. This 60 minute show features the same magic that has made Jay a regular aboard luxury cruise ships and vacation resorts across the globe, and now Jay can bring this show to your school for students and their families to enjoy. This will be an evening that is guaranteed to be UNFORGETTABLE! See live doves appear from a bare-handed palm of fire, a marker drawing comes to life, a 10lb bowling ball appears out of thin air, and an AUDIENCE MEMBER LEVITATES 5 FEET IN THE AIR!


HERE'S HOW: Jay will create a CUSTOM FLYER for your event that you can then take and make photo copies of and send home with each student, weeks before the date of the show. The CUSTOM FLYER will have all the ticket purchasing info as well as the who, what, where, etc...(See flyer example below). You manage the ticket sales via in advance or at the door, and leave the rest to Jay. He will bring everything to make this event spectacular, including a full sound system, microphones, illusions, etc. By charging a very inexpensive ticket price, schools can easily generate hundreds and hundreds of dollars from this one night event!!!!!!!

Fundraiser Shows



"Jay Mattioli - Electrifying Magic entertained a sell-out crowd of Our Lady of Good Council families, friends and relatives in DeSales Hall in October.


The PTO-sponsored show featured a winning combination of music, magic, comedy, topped off with audience participation on stage in clever, "hair raising" illusions. A favorite highlight was when Jay levitated a courages OLGC parent 5 feet in the air and passed a solid hoop around the innocent levitatee!


Magic abounded as doves appeared from thin air and silver snow covered the stage." A great success!"


-THE WILDCAT CHAT, Our Lady of Good Council Newsletter, June 08"


What are educators

saying about Jay?

"Jay Mattioli was a pleasure to work with. He was very professional and punctual. Our elementary school audience of children and parents were completely amazed by his performance.



I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to have a fun, entertaining show. He was great with the kids, and the parents had a fun, too. We can't wait to have him back next year."



- Robert Butler, President, Emmorton Elementary School PTA







"OMG. The kids will NOT stop talking about you. You were their favorite part of Week of the Arts. You rock! Week of the Arts has been going on for 26 years and I had teachers come up to me all day yesterday and today and say "He's the best performer we've ever had." No joke.



You left quite an impression on Blessed Sacrament School- that's for sure. Also, feel free to use me as a reference for future jobs- because as my faculty and students said you put on the best show ever!



-Grace McNicholas, Art Teacher, Co-Director, Week of the Arts, Blessed Sacrament School







"Cherry Run is still buzzing about your show. Word on the street is they want you back next year!!!


The staff at Cherry Run continues to use your M.A.G.I.C. acronym in their teachings. It's a simple word to remember with a powerful message that crosses all areas of life and learning. The energy in the Cherry Run cafeteria has NEVER been so electrifying.



Your show was the ULTIMATE way to kick off a school year, with children, parents and staff completely mesmerized, and at the same time motivated to go out and give their dreams a chance!! Thank you so much for such a great event!!"



-Nikole Aquaro, Cherry Run Elementary School PTA







"Jay is a fantastic illusionist and had our students totally enthralled! Not only did he keep the students totally entertained, they all ran out of the auditorium to the library and book fair looking for books on magic tricks. Aside from all the great illusions, I really liked when he revealed how to actually do a magic trick to the audience. Just simply an excellent, educational and fun program!!!


-Karen Wotring, Swiftwater Elementary Center PTA.





"Jay was GREAT!! He had everyone's attention and kept us on the edge of our seats! We would definetly recommend him!!!"


-Claudia Florenzo, HSA 1st Vice President, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School





"Not only is Jay Mattioli an accomplished magician, but he's a comedian too! He brought so much energy and enthusiasm to his show, it was hard not to have a wonderful time!


The show was completely geared to his elementary school aged audience and all I saw were happy and amazed faces in the crowd! Jay also weaves important and valuable life lessons in his magic show. It was a very motivational experience for all!


I received very positive feedback after the show from teachers and staff, ranging from "best assembly ever" to "where did you find him?"! It was money well spent and we would love to have him back performing in our school again."


-Sharon King, WT Page Elementary School, Cultural Arts Chairperson





"Jay Mattioli's show at Takoma Park Elementary was a huge hit with students and staff! The students are still talking about the best assembly all year. What a great way to end our school year!


Your message was a good one, but it was the great magic that really excited our kids. We still can't figure out how you levitated our teachers. Thanks for coming. We hope to see you again."


-Ellen Weiss, Takoma Park Elementary, Takoma Park, MD






"What a great show! Very expressive. Jay captivated the audience the whole time. The Magic was amazing! Kids, as well as parents loved it!"


-Point Pleasant Elementary School/PTA, Anne Arundel County





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