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Maximum Light Before Your Eyes


Jay Mattioli's original silk to light bulb/ levitating lamp routine is back and completely redesigned.

- New design and materials. Lamp is sturdier and appears more heavy.

- Rechargeable batteries and charger included.

- Silks "re-appearance" / "flash of fire" are operated on adjustable timer.

- Hollow bulbs look like the real thing but made of durable plastic.

- Includes: lamp, bulbs, custom foulard, silks, vanishing gimmick, battery and charger, heavy duty packing tube, carrying case, flash ingniter wire, and instructional DVD.  

(You supply the flash cotton.)

Effect: The magician produces a clear light bulb and proceeds to screw it into a large, 5 1/2 feet tall torch lamp. The bulb is screwed in place and the lamp illuminates bright, warm-white light. Standing several feet away from the lamp, the performer displays a red 12' silk scarf and slowly, without any suspicious moves, tucks it into his fist where it instantly vanishes! At the moment the silk vanishes, a burst of real fire emits from the lamp and the white light instantly turns to glowing red! Upon removing the illuminating bulb, the previously vanished red silk is found to be trapped inside!  The magician then unscrews the bottom of the bulb and removes the red silk scarf. He then replaces the bulb in its position in the lamp and it once again lights up white.

Next, a beautiful foulard is shown to be empty and held in front of the standing lamp. Suddenly the entire lamp begins to take flight and LEVITATES COMPLETELY OFF THE GROUND!  It hovers up, down, left, right, and even turns horizontal in mid-air.  The mere sight of such a large object levitating within just a few feet from spectators is simply shocking!  Finally the giant lamp descends back to the ground on cue for a big round of applause!

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ORDER NOW! Maximum Light Before Your Eyes

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