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You have seen the greats perform this one... and now you can too, FOR REAL! This piece of magic has been published in magic books and even sold in different variations and yet, at best, all you would receive is a few baggies of sand with some vague instructions.

This is the updated version of Jay Mattioli's beautifully detailed, entire package with absolutley EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PERFORM THE EFFECT! The effect is timeless and can be performed from 3 feet to 203 feet away from your audience. You may have been turned away from this effect in the past because of all the details and "things" needed to pull it off masterfully.  After nearly 20 years of experience with this illusion, Jay has gathered the best of all these items and combined them with his own handling, and is bringing it all to you! 

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Includes three shatter-resistant travel containers for the sand, as well as 6 lbs of high quality "specially treated" sand, and much, much more!

Resting on a custom table are three martini glasses filled with 3 vibrant colors of sand and a small pedestal upon which rests a large bowl filled with water. Showing his hands empty, the magician places them in the water, swirling the water around, causing the clear water to turn black!

Then one by one, the magician pours each of the 3 colored sands into the water, swirling the water around each time. After all 3 sands are mixed up in the bowl the magician reaches back into the swamp like water with his empty hand and pulls out each individual colored sand, COMPLETELY DRY AND SEPERATE FROM EACH OTHER. Finaly, with a swirl of the empty hands, the magician makes the black water turn back to clear!!!


Here is what is included:

*ACCESS TO DETAILED, ON-LINE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: The video goes over all the bits of business never before explained.

*NEW STYLE CUSTOM TABLE: Specifically designed for this effect. Features rolling casters and notched table top (for holding martini glasses steady) made from strong ABS plastic that can not be harmed by spilled/splashing water.

*MARTINI GLASSES AND BOWL: Bowl has been specially assembled for this effect. Made from shatter-resistant PET plastic and extra tall to avoid spilling.

*BOWL PEDISTAL: Made of aluminum, it raises the height of the bowl to be separate from the glasses so that the bowl can be seen in the largest of auditoriums.

*SPECIALLY TREATED SAND: Reusable sand, in vibrant pink, green and blue. Now includes 100% more sand than before!  Included is 6lbs, enough for approx 30 performances. Additional sand available separately.

*SPECIAL CHEMICALS: Enough for approx 30 performances. Additional chemicals available separately.

*HAND TOWEL: To dry your hands during and after the effect.

*SPECIAL GIMMICKS: We can't tell you here what they are used for. That would spoil the surprise!

"It is very rare that I purchase another Magicians Material and do not revamp it to fit myself. Jay has solved all the problems that were in The Sands of the Desert routine. In my opinion the Props supplied, along with the Solutions and Multiple Applause Breaks in the routine, this is the best "Bang for your Buck" currently in the market of Magic."


-Paul Kozak, Las Vegas Comedy Magic Star,



"I received my SANDZ today, opened it up, watched through the video and am VERY IMPRESSED with this! Nothing is left out, it's complete and the custom table, pedestal looks fantastic. Jay really put a lot of thought into this, not only in the way the routine looks but with how you achieve and do the "dirty" work. Well worth the money, one of the best purchases I made in a long time. I must mention the video is very detailed and overall Jay really did a fantastic job bringing this effect into modern day."


-Eddy Ray, Illusionist


Please note:  Refill sand and chemicals do not come with instructions or shatter resistant containers.  They are intended to be used for magicians who have already purchased the Complete "SANDZ" of the Desert Routine and need "refills".


The Complete Sands of the Desert Routine, includes everything described above.

$499 + $40 USA shipping

EXTRA CHEMICALS $25 USD +  $4.50 USA Shipping.

Enough for approximatley 30 performances.

EXTRA SAND Refill Packs (3lbs) $42.00 + $7.00 Domestic Shipping.

Enough for approx 15 perfromances. You Get 1 lb of each of neon pink, green, and blue sand for The Sands of the Desert Routine. 

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